Aldo Aytano
Tuscany - Italy

Tel. +39 349 3620809

Daniele Luti reviews Aldo Aytano (2004)

The works by Aldo Aytano exhibited at the "Murabilia", a show that is a meta-naturalistic poetical reading of the tree circled city of Lucca, almost a homage to the town that lies buried in its circle of architectural aquarium, all share something in common: the tree. This is the element that typifies the inclusion of an artist in a show that sells plants and flowers, the result of years of gardeners' patient trial and experiment, not pictures.
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Guglielmo Petroni reviews Aldo Aytano

In these days of "excessive" interpretation of real life and artistic language it is rare to find an artist who expresses a graceful delicacy in the form and representation of life. It is this particular exploration of tones and forms that are transfigured without being distorted that makes these landscapes charming and intellectually irresistible.
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Daniele Luti reviews Aldo Aytano (1989)

As is immediately discernable his favourite subject is the Tuscan landscape between the area around Lucca and the Pisan Maremma with new aspirations towards the mouth of the River Arno, almost an archaeological memory of ancient carmi. However the journey that is suggested here is not a psychological reading, rich in a concrete reality but a nihilist journey into the real ego in the search for primitive feelings, suggestions stolen many years ago perhaps and jealously guarded in our temple of the mind.
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Mario Bucci reviews Aldo Aytano (December 1978)

Before painting or drawing and artist must love the subject, landscape, figure he wants to portray and study and observe it with infinite dedication. If not, the result may well be a correct painting an exact drawing from the technical point of view but it will not be a work of art, a multi-faceted response, the fruit of a subjective state of mind.
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